BMW new sport Coupé is an exception for Italdesign entrepreneurial philosophy: It’s the only car produced in 450 specimen in Moncalieri factory.

In the midst of the 70’s BMW decides to introduce in his range a high performance coupé that, through the competition of Group 4 and 5, can strengthen the brand image.

The first projects expects the cooperation between Italdesign, for the design and Lamborghini for the chassis, glass bodywork and the production in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Those years serious financial recession, immediately shut out Lamborghini from the project, that will be carried on completely in Italdesign Factory, except for the mechanics assembling, that is completed in BMW Motorsport.

M1 has a powerful 3400 cc and 304 cv engine (204 in street version), while the design is definitely sporting for a competition car that has to seduce the public even  with the street version.



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