项目Twenty Twenty
Twenty Twenty: the first Aston Martin open-topped car, designed for 2020.
Twenty Twenty

The architecture of the Twenty Twenty open-topped car continued the experience gained with the Capsula (1982) and the Structura (1998): both of these concept cars assigned the structures overlying the floorpan the role of a motif – of a dominant aesthetic feature.

Here the technological aesthetics are load-bearing in both the literary and the technical sense. The structures, all in aluminium are on full view and determine the pace and route directly. The parts forming the body rest on top and do not conceal the engineering.

The lines and modulations normally conveyed by light reflected off surfaces are in this case traced by structural sections in extruded aluminium.

The mechanical configuration of the Twenty Twenty is derived from the  DB7, 12 cylinder, mid-engined, rear wheel drive, 6 speed, 5935 cc, 500 hp.