Thanks to the latest technology available, such as LED and Oled, lights have become a design distinctive feature, adding recognisability, allure and personality to their primary goal: safety


The Italdesign Lighting Department develops both external and internal lighting solutions for show cars, small series and mass-production, running the whole project development: from concept to development, from validation to start of production.

On the basis of specific needs, the team tailors its activities to follow the project development: starting from concept up to development, validation and start of production.

During the concept phase, Italdesign can work completely in house, driving the project towards the most suitable technologies and feasibility.

During the development phase, for series productions, it steers the lighting suppliers and supports validation phases also by measurements and analysis in internal light tunnel.

Finally, the engineering team works with the workshop team to build functional mock-ups

The Harness Team works in close cooperation with the whole EE team. It takes care of the harness development, including brakets, and manages the DMU package for all E/E components.  ​


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