Color and trim design is a main tool for enhancing the value of the customer brand.​


Perception and emotion come greatly from sensorial and chromatic feeds; from the suggestions that they create, success stories and strategies for the brand can be built.​

Innovation and continuous research are the DNA of the team, whose material and finishing library is dynamic, rich, ambitious.

It looks at future trends, reinterpreting them according to the customer’s vision, with a result that is always tailor-made and distinctive.

Color and Trim means also choosing the best combination of colours and materials according to the project.

For public transportation or agricultural machinery strong, resistant and duty materials will be required.

Italdesign’s mission is to bring a brand to the excellence, whatever the field, from automotive, to transportation, to industrial products.

This mission is accomplished respecting the customers needs and balancing the parameters involved in the development process.​


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