Every single car is built out of at least 5,000 pieces. Each of them must respect a very strict set of technical specifications. ​Immersive Engineering helps us to do it in the best and most efficient way possible.


Immersive Engineering is a brand new, patented tool developed entirely by Italdesign. ​

With specific archetypes and tools, Italdesign is able to create and monitor a single product in detail, at any time during the process.

It is based on virtual reality and allows engineers to visualize both engineering CAD data and technical specifications simultaneously, in order to minimize errors and increase the overall quality of the final product.

Immersive Engineering allows to monitor the status of the project in real time. 

The lab is composed by a curved screen, where engineers can interact with data and virtual models.

Thanks to the information sheets, it’s possible to know the state of data, compare different models, gap and profiles among the different parts.


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