Good quality models can support the project in achieving specific goals or accomplishing ambitious targets.


The workshop builds models for design purpose, like proportion models, clay and hard models, sign-off, models for design freeze and for clinic tests.

Be it a yacht, a coffee machine, an e-scooter or a helicopter, Italdesign can develop and build models, for any goal a customer might have.

Italdesign features 6 milling machines, able to mill from a very small detail to a complete vehicle, 6 rapid prototyping machines to print complex geometries, using several materials and processes, lighting and plexiglass department as well as saddlery department and paintshop.

All models, either for development or validation, can be built in-house, according to customers’ needs and specifications, or with the team supporting for defining the relevant requirements.

Functional demonstrator of virtual cockpits and immersive decks complete the scenario.


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