Whether it's a new brand or a concept car developed for a worldwide known OEM or a product, design language must be recognisable and must sums up the branch values


The comprehension of design languages, company profile, logos, color codes, payoffs and philosophy are the pillar of this activity.

Brand identity is conquering a growing attention in the market, as the perfect ingredient for granting market value in the future.​

Italdesign has been active on this topic for 50 years, by developing bespoke projects for Automotive, Transportation and Product Design.​ Starting from the proper evaluation of heritage, history and ambitions of the company, the cultural and technical background is translated into the brand and product images, in order to set its uniqueness and, consequently, gain its recognition.

In Italdesign a worldwide history of projects, covering miscellaneous product categories, grants smart and keen eyes, able to create the guideline and the inspiration for future product development and for coherent communication.


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