Styling & Creativity

There is no aesthetic solution that is not also implicitly a technical and design solution, aimed at devising cars that can be mass produced.

Stylists interpret the functional aspect of design, creating forms and volumes that meet production needs

Creativity takes contamination from a worldwide design experience and from a rich product design activity that continuously brings new languages and moods from various fields.

Styling research prepares freehand sketches and drafts, starting with the customer’s brief and respecting the project vision.

The research study pursues the development of 3D proposals using software such as ALIAS, ICEM and MAYA.

These three-dimensional virtual models allow the creation of animations, interactive management sessions and full-scale moving simulations.

Italdesign creates static and running styling models by means of numerical control millers that process the virtual surface data through CAM applications on Styrofoam, Epowood or special resins.

The finishing and customization take place internally, where craftsmanship meets technology.


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